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Gender Pay Gap Statement

Meercroft Care Inc’s goal is for our workforce to reflect the customers and communities we serve. A diverse, inclusive workplace allows our employees to be themselves and provide quality care and services. It allows us to serve our customers better, contributing to the success and reputation of our business. It also helps us to contribute to a more equal society.


Achieving our goal depends on analysing data to understand where we stand, and using that information to inform targeted, consistent actions to drive improvements. Pay gap data is a fundamental part of this picture.


It is important to reiterate that we don’t pay people differently based on their ethnicity or gender.  We have a larger proportion of females in senior leadership roles and we are a female dominated industry and a high proportion of females in lower paid roles. The pay rates are supported by our EBA.


This years data identifies good results in the gender pay gap as we  have more women in senior leadership roles.


Pay rates have increased during the past 12 months for the lower paid roles decreasing the pay rate gap.


We believe we have the right plan to continue to have equitable gender pay rates as our pay rates refer to roles rather than gender.

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